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Green City Partnership

A partnership to help Plymouth businesses

The Green City Partnership is a partnership between Plymouth City Council and Alpha Logic that looks to expand the already-offered waste service for businesses (the council’s trade waste service) within Plymouth and the surrounding areas. It will offer a total waste collection scheme for local businesses at a competitive price.

What the partnership will involve

The partnership looks to increase the number of Plymouth businesses that use the current trade waste service on offer to recycle their waste. Plymouth City Council will provide general and mixed recycling services and Alpha Logic will provide glass and food recycling to offer businesses a complete waste management service.

Collections for general waste and co-mingled recycling will be available six days a week and glass and food recycling will be available for collection three to five days a week.

This is the first time that a full scope of services will be offered. The partnership looks to encourage businesses to segregate as many waste materials as possible and fully support an alternative to landfill.

How to be a part of the Trade Waste Service

To ensure as many businesses as possible can benefit from this partnership, Alpha Logic and Plymouth City Council have introduced a clear, affordable pricing strategy that is fixed until 2017.

We want businesses to take advantage of this service. Not only will it reduce your waste output and improve your carbon footprint, it will also dramatically improve the look of the area for both locals and visitors.

If you would like to find out more about the partnership and how your business could get involved, contact Alpha Logic today for more information.