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Why waste segregation matters

Oct 13, 2017

There’s a bin for everything or there should be

As a business, it’s all too easy to think that managing your waste is a waste of time, overlooking the impact it can have on both your bottom-line as well the environment.

Clearly that’s not the view of the Government who, in January 2015, put in place new regulations that required businesses to have separate collections for paper, metal, plastic and glass in addition to other waste streams.

What are the benefits of adopting a more stringent approach to separating your waste? Cross contamination during the waste collection process seriously impacts on its value, rendering many recyclable items non-processable, greatly reducing the quality of the materials and their re-use. More fuel for the local incinerator…

Introducing simple waste disposal processes/systems in the workplace that can easily be adhered to has a multitude of benefits and not just economic. Enabling staff to feel that they are applying sustainable values at work as well as at home helps to develop a feel-good factor and can encourage team bonding. Separating waste at source is also much quicker, cleaner and cheaper than relying on a single mixed waste collection. Sorting waste post-collection is both labour intensive and messy, and despite reassurances to the contrary is often not carried out. Once again, the local incinerator is the beneficiary…

There is also a very clear health benefit to better waste segregation and increased recycling. Burning waste, particularly garbage and plastics, produces particulate matter: solid compounds, suspended in the air. Exposure to this can increase the risks of developing heart disease, respiratory disease, asthma and emphysema. Modern incineration plants operate under strict regulations to avoid this but why expose ourselves to potential dangers when a cleaner, more beneficial route can be followed? Segregating waste also lends itself to a more pleasant work environment, cutting back on the potential for foul odours as mixed waste combines, degrades, gives off fumes and stagnates.

The final step in successful waste segregation is to find a waste partner that you trust and who will work with you to set up and provide the most beneficial system to sustainably and economically dispose of your byproducts so that you know that all your staff’s hard work and resolve has been worthwhile…

If you would like help with your waste management and to reduce your carbon footprint, contact Alpha Logic for a free waste audit to help you discover the most sustainable waste management route for your business. Alternatively, for more information on Alpha Logic, visit or call 0845 094 3370.

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