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Trade Waste Savings for Waterfront Businesses

Oct 20, 2015

Plans to improve trade waste collections and reduce business overheads in Plymouth’s Waterfront area have been announced. The Plymouth Waterfront Partnership Business Improvement District (BID) and Alpha Logic have agreed a series of measures aimed at reducing the number of bins on the street, improving the management of collection times and offering Waterfront businesses within the BID area a 30% discount on their waste collection rates.

The agreement results in the BID’s endorsement of Alpha Logic’s services until the BID’s current Business Plan term comes to an end on 31st March 2017. The 30% savings on trade waste costs is a significant help to reducing business costs and Alpha Logic will support more than 600 businesses in providing an alternative to landfill to help maintain Plymouth’s reputation as a green, sustainable city.

The Waterfront BID has agreed Alpha Logic will offer BID businesses a fixed, low-cost recycling and waste rate, alongside an increased frequency of collections and a reduction in bin numbers. The aim is to create a cleaner environment for customers and visitors, improving the aesthetics of the area whilst providing a cost-effective solution for local businesses. Six day-a-week collections will be available, uniform black bins will be provided and collection times will take place before 11am, avoiding inconvenience to traffic and discomfort to pedestrians.

Sarah Gibson (nee O’Leary), Waterfront Manager, said: “Plymouth Waterfront Partnership place great importance on ensuring Waterfront businesses within the BID area may reduce their overhead costs. We also seek ways in which business may be as sustainable as possible. We hope this endorsement will encourage Waterfront businesses to secure reduced business costs, work together to reduce the number of trade waste bins on the streets, support an improvement in the management of collection times avoiding peak visitor hours and dramatically increase the amount of recycling.

“Plymouth is a beautiful city with an impressive green agenda already in place. Through endorsing Alpha Logic, we are able to direct businesses to a local company employing local people that offer the opportunity to create an alternative to landfill for their waste. We hope many will take advantage of this over the coming months.”

Neil Stallard, Director at Alpha Logic, commented on the new partnership: “At Alpha Logic, we’re excited to have the opportunity to help Waterfront businesses with their waste and recycling management.

“Businesses are more than able to achieve a 100% recycling rate through proper education, regular collections and the responsible disposal of waste. We are meticulous in ensuring that we recycle as much as we can for our clients. Alpha Logic offer a local alternative to landfill that doesn’t compromise on recycling – we drive the importance and value of recycling home to each client that we help.

“We hope that businesses in the Plymouth Waterfront Partnership BID area will let us help them to not only reduce their waste output but to help them save a considerable amount on their waste costs too – a benefit that many don’t consider.”

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