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Plymouth Community Healthcare Able to Fund Two More Nurses Thanks to Waste-Saving Initiative

Jul 13, 2015

Plymouth Community Healthcare have saved enough on their waste management to be able to fund two new nurses, thanks to saving over £60,000 from a new recycling management initiative introduced in 2013.

Through savings made from increasing recycling amounts, Plymouth Community Healthcare are now able to add an additional two nurses that will help to provide mental and physical support for the people of Plymouth.

The recycling strategy implemented by Alpha Logic has also helped to increase their recycling output by 60 tonnes per annum, which previously went via landfill.

Daniel O’Toole, Deputy Chief Executive at Plymouth Community Healthcare, discussed the savings: “Since we started our new waste and recycling strategy with Alpha Logic, we’ve been thrilled with the results. Apart from the obvious environmental benefits, to be able to make such a saving through recycling was something that was completely beyond our expectations.

“Our organisation now has the opportunity to add valuable members to our team – a benefit of recycling that was not considered to start with. This saving will not only help us internally, but will also look to benefit the local economy as a whole. We’re looking forward to seeing what working with Alpha Logic will bring over the next few years as we expand into the surrounding areas.”

Neil Stallard, Director at Alpha Logic, Plymouth Community Healthcare’s waste and recycling management provider, was delighted at the news: “The results for Plymouth Community Healthcare so far have been really impressive and it’s great that we were able to help them save such a substantial amount.

“Through implementing an innovative recycling scheme, there are a number of possible positive outcomes. Businesses can reap the awards through reducing their environmental impact, lowering their costs, reinvesting in their team and more. Not only that, we’re able to help educate both current and future staff to ensure that there is continuous improvement throughout our relationship. It’s a great way of helping grow businesses whilst protecting the environment at the same time.

“We’re delighted that Plymouth Community Healthcare is possibly able to expand their team due to the savings achieved and we are looking forward to working with them in the future as they expand over the coming months.”

Plymouth Community Healthcare has recently extended their contract with Alpha Logic for another three years, with Alpha Logic continuing to provide a full spectrum of services including clinical and confidential recycling across all of their sites.

Plymouth Community Healthcare provide community, physical and mental healthcare for residents in Plymouth. They look to help people stay mentally and physically well and to remain as independent as they can. More information can be found at

Alpha Logic are a waste management company that offer a range of waste management solutions for companies based in Plymouth, the South West and further afield. To find out more about Alpha Logic, visit