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Keeping it clean in Poldark country

Aug 10, 2017

Cornwall, land of legend, romance and the best childhood summer holidays ever! A rolling landscape of green fields, sea and sand, unspoilt and heaven-sent.

As a county with one of the lowest population densities in England, it’s hard to imagine there could be any issues with waste management in Cornwall – a beautiful, seemingly untouched region. But when your indigenous population of over 5 million^1^ is doubled by an influx of about 5 million tourists every year it’s easy to see that keeping Cornwall clean is not any easy task.

Food waste in Newquay – what’s the problem?

Take Newquay for example, famous for its family-friendly beaches and year-round surfing. The town has an actual population of approx. 19,900 2 but can expect 535,000 staying visitor trips in a year with a whopping 715,000 annual day visitors. Between them they spend around £44 million on food and drinks in Newquay: that’s a whole lot of extra rubbish for the town to clear up – food, recyclable and general waste. No wonder the local seagull population is thriving!

Waste management in St Austell, home to the Eden Project

With a number of excellent places to visit, waste management and recycling services in St Austell are also under pressure. Home to the Eden Project, a showcase for the wonders of the natural world, this former china clay mining town based on the south coast, (population 35,000), welcomes a staggering amount of day visitors, reaching over 1 million throughout the year, drawn by the Eden Project’s futuristic biodomes on the former Bodelva Pit. The Eden Project itself is known for its sustainable approach to tourism. With a focus of connecting people to the living world, sustainability is at the heart of the Eden Project.

Indeed Hillery 3 suggests that tourism can have an even more devastating effect on areas of great beauty, stating that ‘the more attractive a site, then the more popular it becomes and the more likely it is that it will be degraded by heavy visitation’. Not the vision conjured up by the idyllic scenes we’ve come to associate with popular historical drama, Poldark, guilty of pushing visitor numbers ever higher!

So, how do we help improve waste management in Cornwall?

Key to lessening this impact on locals and environment alike is to ensure as much resident and visitor waste is recycled as possible, as easily as possible. Developing a bespoke waste management system that takes in to account volume of waste, frequency of collections and on-site space, can reduce the major burden of rubbish on a venue, town or attraction, ensuring a place retains its attractiveness however many people it welcomes, as well as saving individuals and businesses money and reducing the need for landfill. It’s easy to recycle and is something that local waste experts Alpha Logic can deliver with ease, value and local expertise.

Want to find out more about putting a recycling service for your Cornish business in place? Visit our services page to find out more or call us on 0845 094 3370.

About Alpha Logic:
Alpha Logic is an independent waste management company based in Saltash that offers a range of waste management services to help businesses dramatically reduce their waste output, increase their recycling output and dramatically lower their costs.
Currently offering a full waste management service, Alpha Logic offers food waste recycling, glass recycling, clinical and hazardous waste recycling, WEEE waste recycling, general waste and recycling and waste equipment for businesses in Cornwall and Devon.
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