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It’s time to reduce your plastic footprint

Mar 11, 2019

Single-use plastics can be found everywhere in our day-to-day lives. We come in to contact with these pollutants while on our daily commute as well. From the straws in our restaurants to our plastic shopping bags, single-use plastics have become a regular aspect of our lives.

That’s why it’s important to understand the underlying impact that these plastics can have in our lives and the lives of others. With a few behavioural modifications, we can make a significant change in how our global economy interacts with waste management as the focal point. While only about 10-13% of our plastics getting recycled globally, it’s time to make a change.

Focus on reusability as a principle

Families that rely on reusable products tend to have a clearer approach towards single-use plastics. These products are defined by their inherent characteristics of being robust and value-driven. You can use reusable cups, bags, folders and paper products to truly make a significant change. When you shift your mindset towards reusability, you also end up saving money. Reusing commodities helps decrease the load on the overall global economy as well.

Go for eco-friendly alternatives

When it comes to single-use plastics, there is always an eco-friendly option nearby. A simple change like replacing your shampoo and conditioner bottles for bars could save 80 billion plastic bottles ending up in landfills each year. You can also go for eco-friendly cutlery or bottles, especially when you’re going to the beach or the local park.

Lowering our dependency on single-use plastic is critical. By going for eco-friendly and reusable products, we can make an impactful change.