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Food:Logic Scheme To Launch At Langage Farm AD Plant

Jul 18, 2012

Two leading Plymouth businesses have joined forces to launch a new eco-friendly food waste disposal solution for local firms. The Food:Logic scheme will be unveiled to local businesses through a presentation at Langage Farm on Friday 17th February.

Waste management specialists, Alpha:Logic, and Langage Farm’s Anaerobic Digestion plant have formed an exclusive partnership which will see local food waste turned into a power source and organic fertiliser.

Introducing the first service of its kind into the region, Alpha:Logic will provide a daily, mobile food waste collection service to businesses in Plymouth and the surrounding areas.

Transporting the waste to Langage’s £3.4m anaerobic digestion facility, the food waste will be macerated to allow the bacteria organisms to ‘eat’ their way through the waste. Methane gas, a bi-product of the process, is created which powers an engine and subsequently an electrical generator.

Alongside providing enough power to support the factory at Langage Farm, the excess power is diverted back to the National Grid. The only output, when dried, is an effective fertiliser which can be used to improve the quality of the pasture at the farm,

Neil Stallard, Director at Alpha Logic explained the launch of the new Food:Logic scheme: “It is well documented in the press that landfill sites are not only damaging the environment but are equally running out of capacity.”

“With changes in legislations requiring businesses to divert their food waste away from landfill by 2020, alongside increasing landfill charges and taxes, it is important for firms to find alternative options for their food waste before it’s too late.”

“The decomposition rate between the two disposal routes are incomparable. Food waste sent to landfill takes between 40 and 100 years to decompose, in comparison to just 69 days through anaerobic digestion.”

“We’re delighted to have secured an exclusive arrangement with Langage Farm to allow us to offer this environmentally-friendly food waste solution to local businesses that are committed to sustainability and making a greener Plymouth.”

“Clearly, alongside the environmental and financial benefits of participating in the scheme, it will further allow businesses to demonstrate their true commitment to environmental issues.”

“To kick-start the Food:Logic campaign, the first 150 businesses who pledge their commitment to the scheme will gain accreditation and will receive marketing collateral for them to promote their participation. This is a fantastic opportunity for businesses to take a lead in this important environmental issue.”

The Food:Logic scheme is open to all local businesses that generate food waste, regardless of the volume. Smaller companies who don’t create a large output of food waste can still participate in the scheme by sharing waste collections with neighbouring businesses.

To launch the campaign a presentation will take place at Langage Farm on Friday 17th February at 11am. The science behind the Food:Logic scheme will be discussed and attendees will be able to find out more about the benefits of the environmental solution.

To find out more about the Food:Logic scheme, contact us today.