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Alpha Logic to Lead City Centre Waste Management with City Centre Company

Jun 05, 2015

Alpha Logic is proud to have been named as the company chosen to work with Plymouth City Centre Company to implement an improved recycling scheme for businesses in the city centre.

Alpha Logic’s new innovative recycling solution will look to help businesses in the city centre reduce the number of waste bins cluttering the area, decrease the number of waste collection vehicles and subsequent vehicle emissions, alongside reducing the ever-increasing disposal costs.

Not only will the new recycling scheme tackle the problems listed above, it will also provide businesses with a fixed, low-cost waste and recycling rate and offer a safer and cleaner environment for both visitors and locals. This will all contribute to maintaining Plymouth’s image as a one of the UK’s greenest cities by providing an alternative to landfill.

Alpha Logic developed a local, green solution to address the concerns raised about the sustainable and efficient management of waste in the City Centre BID area and, as a result, the City Centre Company will now offer cardboard recycling to businesses alongside a complimentary glass collection service.

Alpha Logic will lead the way in transforming Plymouth’s city centre into a sustainable environment. Currently, Alpha Logic, via the Green City Partnership, are recycling 100% of glass, food and mixed recycling that is collected and currently recover 90% of general waste, which will soon rise to 100% with the new Energy from Waste plant in Devonport.

In addition, Alpha Logic will further reduce the impact of collections on the environment through their fleet of eco-friendly vehicles which operate in line with Euro 6 standards for exhaust emissions. This, along with the use of local recycling facilities such as Chelson Meadow and Langage Farm, will all help contribute to lowering emissions and transportation costs.

Overall, Alpha Logic’s involvement will look to create a sustainable and low-carbon economy for businesses in the city centre.

Patrick Knight, City Centre Manager, spoke about the new partnership: “Our aim here at the City Centre Company is to create an alternative to landfill for as many city centre businesses as possible. In order to fulfil our aim, we needed a waste management company that not only offered a full scope of waste management services but also ingrained sustainability into every decision.

“Our hope is that when we reach 2020, we are able to offer a completely different waste management scheme for companies to ensure that we minimise the amount of waste sent to landfill and provide savings as a by-product of the endorsement.”

Neil Stallard, Director at Alpha Logic, commented on the new partnership: “At Alpha Logic, we’re thrilled to be given the opportunity to help create a greener environment for the centre of Plymouth. We strive to help our customers become as sustainable as possible and working with the City Centre Company is no different. We believe that it’s possible to transform how businesses manage waste and our process helps to ensure that all bases for recycling are covered.

“Businesses are more than able to achieve a 100% recycling rate through the proper collection and disposal of waste. We’re looking forward to starting our partnership with the City Centre Company and we hope that we can help Plymouth businesses become as sustainable as possible over the coming five years.”

The partnership between Alpha Logic and the City Centre Company started on 1st June. More information about Alpha Logic can be found at For more information about the City Centre Company, visit