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About Food:Logic

With landfill capacity diminishing, costs soaring and legislation changes coming into force, a sustainable food waste disposal solution is long overdue.

Joining forces with Langage Farm’s anaerobic digester facility, we can now offer an innovative, convenient and eco-friendly food waste disposal service.

Daily mobile food waste collections

The first of its kind in the region, the food:logic scheme will see alpha:logic run a daily, mobile food waste collection service for businesses in and around Plymouth.

Open to all businesses that generate food waste, we will collect your food waste on site at your premises. Participating businesses are asked to separate their food waste from their general waste stream by putting their food waste in bags. These are then placed in the food bin ready for the food:logic collection.

Turn food waste into power for the National Grid

Businesses’ food waste will be transported to the new £3.4m anaerobic digester (AD) facility where it will be turned into an energy source and organic fertiliser.

Food waste arrives at the AD plant and is macerated into tiny pieces to allow for better digestion from the bacteria. As the organisms eat their way through the waste, methane gas is created as a by-product. This gas is siphoned off and used to power an engine and, in turn, an electrical generator.

Whilst some of the heat generated is used as an eco-power source for Langage Farm, the surplus is directed to the National Grid. The only waste product from this process is organic digested material which, when dry, is an effective fertiliser used on the farm.

Sign up before it’s too late

The AD plant can process 20,000 tonnes of food waste each year. With an upper capacity, access to this food waste disposal solution is strictly on a first come, first served basis. Register for your free consultation before it is too late.