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Skip Type Compactors

Skip type compactors are suitable for a range of businesses including commercial sites, shopping centres, food producers and hotels.


  • Capacity – 8m3
  • Length – 3820mm
  • Width – 1880mm
  • Height – 2800mm

Main features

  • Conical shape allows for a clean line design that helps produce trouble-free emptying and excellent packing
  • Low-noise hydraulic pump to ensure quiet running
  • Low filling height enables easy feeding
  • Ram plates with cut scraper edge are reinforced to maximise strength and durability
  • Controls with protection plate
  • Removable inspection hatches makes repair, cleaning and maintenance easy and simple
  • Standard equipment with each compactor includes oil level, timer and temperature switch along with a protective motor switch
  • High resistant grained steel ensure compactor floor remains undamaged
  • Galvanised ratchet locking mechanism

Bespoke requirements

Skip type compactors can be adapted to suit the needs and environment your business. This includes:

  • Manual or hydraulic lid on top of filling opening
  • Container pre-full and full light
  • Drum weighing system to ensure proper cost application to participants
  • Steel scraper in front of ram to ensure full removal
  • Leak-proof design
  • Dock loading design
  • Retaining door to compact any expanding material

Technical Specifications –

Power 5.5kw Power Supply 400v 50hz
Filling height 1530mm Time/Working cycle 29s
Protection 15 amps slow Compaction force 340kn
Volume/stroke 1.1m3 Volume/hour 110m3
Cycle time 36s Ram stroke 1120mm
Filling opening bottom 900mm x 1500mm Filling opening top 1175mm x 1500mm
Filling height 1540mm